Virtual Myotonic Goat Show Results

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2017 Virtual Show Results

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Apr 10 - 15, 2017
Rocky Mountain Virtual Fainting Goat Show
Fundraiser for the Rocky Mountain Fainting Goat Show

Jr Wethers ~ Sr Wethers ~ Grand Champion Wethers
Jr Does ~ Sr Does ~ Grand Champion Does
Jr Bucks ~ Sr Bucks ~ Grand Champion Bucks
Best in Show

Jun 10 - 18, 2017 Oregon Virtual Fainting Goat Show
Fundraiser for the Oregon Fainting Goat Show
Jr Wethers ~ Sr Wethers ~ Grand Champion Wethers
Jr Does ~ Sr Does ~ Grand Champion Does
Jr Bucks ~ Sr Bucks ~ Grand Champion Bucks
Best in Show

Congratulations to all the Winners!

2017 Top Ten Winners - unofficial results as of 04/2017!
Scroll down for links to all points earned for all goats in 2017, as well as Past Results

  Bucks Owner Points
1 Rising S Ace in the Hole Rising S Ranch 12.0
2 CWF Bois d’ Arc Triple-T Ranch 7.5
3 Rising S The Cowboy Rides Away Rising S Ranch 4.0
4 Bucking Adoeable Bootleg Buckling Adoeable Fainters 3.5
4 Circle H Fainting Farm Samson Circle H Fainting Farms 3.5
4 Triple-T Buckshot Bucking Adoeable Fainters 3.5
5 Blizzard L&O Farms 3.0
5 Circle H Fainting Farm Red Cloud Circle H Fainting Farms 3.0
6 Circle H Fainting Farm Black Hawk Circle H Fainting Farms 2.5
6 Solis Occasus Villa Zuni Solis Occasus Villa 2.5
7 FHR Rising Son “Sonny” Buckling Adoeable Fainters 2.0
7 Lazy Creek Acres Ole Erickson Tundra Tippers 2.0
8 R&R Lazy Acres Gossamer Solis Occasus Villa 1.5
8 Triple-T Beowulf Triple-T Ranch 1.5
8 Triple-T Magnum Bucking Adoeable Fainters 1.5
8 Triple-T Samson Triple-T Ranch 1.5
9 Great Oaks Big Red Miss Bee Haven Acres 1.0
9 Solis Occasus Villa Comache Solis Occasus Villa 1.0
9 Moonlight Farms Sidus Solis Occasus Villa 1.0
9 Triple-T Cadillac Jack Buckling Adoeable Fainters 1.0
9 Triple-T Samson Buckling Adoeable Fainters 1.0
10 Buck Creek Maverick Rising S Ranch 0.5
10 Great Oaks Draco Miss Bee Haven Acres 0.5

  Wethers Owner Points

Triple-T Patriot

Courtney Teichert

2 Bucking Adoeable Ranger Bucking Adoeable Fainters 6.25
3 Ahart Acres Dudley Do Right Rising S Ranch 3.00
4 Hanna’s Crackle Hanna's Upside Down Goats 2.50
4 Rising S Handsome Jack Rising S Ranch 2.50
5 Hanna’s Crunch Hanna's Upside Down Goats 2.00
6 Triple-T Bubba Courtney Teichert 1.00
6 Triple-T Hot Pocket Courtney Teichert 1.00
6 Rising S Noel Rising S Ranch 1.00
7 Erickson Tundra Tippers Gus Erickson Tundra Tippers 0.50
7 Triple-T Skittles Courtney Teichert 0.50
  Does Owner Points
1 FHR Winter Grace Triple-T Ranch 12.0
2 Outlaw Farm’s Seraphina Solis Occasus Villa 8.5
3 Rising S Heartland Rising S Ranch 7.0
4 Gone with the Wind Chloe Miss Bee Haven Acres 6.0
5 Rising S Rachel’s Roses Rising S Ranch 5.0
6 Rising S Marilee Rising S Ranch 4.5
7 Bucking Adoeable Echo Bucking Adoeable Fainters 4.0
7 Rising S Merinda Rising S Ranch 4.0
8 Circle H Fainting Farm Pocahontas Circle H Fainting Farm 3.5
9 Circle H Fainting Farm Sacajawea Circle H Fainting Farm 3.0
9 Painted Quarters Analiesa Solis Occasus Villa 3.0
9 Rising S Josie Rising S Ranch 3.0
10 FHR Bryanna’s Star Triple-T Ranch 2.5
10 Painted Quarters Anastasia Solis Occasus Villa 2.5
10 Sonny’s Mia Snowflake Sonny’s 305 Farms 2.5

Total 2017 Points Earned - Wethers ~ Does ~ Bucks

Past Virtual Show Results

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We hope you will join us for the 2017 Virtual Show series!

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