Goat Husbandry - Shelter


Goats need protection from the wind, rain, snow, and sun. 

Examples of shelters include:

Enclosed &
4 sided:

Barn with Awning
Courtesy of Triple-T Ranch

Barn w/2 doors
Courtesy of Triple-T Ranch
Horse Trailer
Horse Trailer
Courtesy of Bottom-Up-Ranch
4-sided shelter
4-sided Shelter
Courtesy of Faint-Hearted Ranch
4 sided shelter
4-sided Shelter
Courtesy of Faint-Hearted Ranch
1, 2 & 3 sided:
Courtesy of Take Heart Farm
Directions available

Courtesy of Triple-T Ranch

Converted Horse Shelter
Courtesy of Triple-T Ranch
3-Sided Wooden Box
Courtesy of Triple-T Ranch

Quonset Hut
Courtesy of Ahart Acres
Directions available

3-Sided w/birthing pens
Courtesy of Triple-T Ranch

2-Sided Shelter
Courtesy of Triple-T Ranch
Other neat shelters:
Water Tank
Courtesy of Ancient Valley Ranch

Plastic Bucket
Courtesy of Ancient Valley Ranch

250 gal Liquid Tote
Courtesy of Blue Bird Acres

Tarps on a cage
Courtesy of Triple-T Ranch

Igloo (Dogloo)
Courtesy of Triple-T Ranch

Top of a Windmill
Courtesy of Ancient Valley Ranch
Plastic Hut
Courtesy of Morgan Hill Farm
Dog house
Dog House
Courtesy of Morgan Hill Farm
Shipping Crates
Shipping Crates & More
Courtesy of Triple-T Ranch
Plastic Hut
Courtesy of Morgan Hill Farm

Hog Feeder
Courtesy of Jill Wallace

Hay or Straw

  • Hay or straw is commonly used and fairly inexpensive compared to other types of bedding.
  • It is not very absorbant; so it should be changed frequently or used over a ground cover that will drain well such gravel and clay.
  • Straw is not as biodegradable as wood shavings; therefore, many fairgrounds no longer allow its use.
Clay and Gravel
  • Clay and gravel make a very nice bedding floor.
  •  To make such a floor, first put a layer of gravel down and then put a thick layer of clay over the top.
  • Hay or straw can then be used as a dressing.
  • Urine and other moisture will pass through the clay and down to the gravel.

Wood Shavings or Sawdust

  • Wood shavings and sawdust may be used as bedding.
  • It should be used in depths of 2.75 to 4 inches.
  • The dirty portion of the shavings can be raked to remove feces.
  • When the bedding begins smelling of ammonia, it should be removed and replaced with fresh shavings.

Wood Pellets

  • Many people use wood pellets for bedding.
  • Choose pellets that have been manufactured specifically for animal bedding.
  • If you are going to use wood stove pellets then research them carefully as some manufactures use black walnut and butternut material, and some brands have more dust then others also. Do some research first, and when in doubt, stick with those specifically for animal bedding.
  Paper Shavings
  • Paper Shavings Animal Bedding was originally created
    almost 20 years ago as an alternative bedding for horses
  • It was found to be suitable for almost all livestock. 
  • 2 times more absorbent than straw, 4 to 6 times more absorbent than most wood shavings.  Absorbs from the bottom up, top stays dry.
  • Non toxic; paper contains only vegetable oil based ink.
  • Bedding clumps when wet making it easy to pick up and remove soiled bedding.
  • Picture and description courtesy of Resourceful Paper Inc.

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