Our goal is to:

  • Connect Fainting Goat owners and breeders to valuable resources

  • Encourage staying true to the breed standards by offering show programs such as the Fainting Goat Futurity

  • The opportunity to compete yearly for the title of Regional Champion Fainting Goat

  • Educate our youth on the husbandry and showing of Fainting Goats

  • Provide a website design and maintenance service for smaller ranches

  • The Fainting Goat Guild is not a registry. It is an informational website and show circuit for Fainting Goat enthusiasts

Congratulations to the latest FGG Supreme Champions!

2017 Supreme Champion Doe

FHR Spring Breeze
Owned by Fall Over Farms
Bred by Faint-Hearted Ranch
2017 Supreme Champion Buck

Frassenei Farms Tumnus
Owned & Bred by
Frassenei Farms
2017 Supreme Champion Buck

Ahart Acres Jagger
Owned by Spin River Meadows
Bred by Ahart Acres
2017 Supreme Champion Wether

SRM Henri Matisse
Owned & Bred by
Spin River Meadows
2017 Supreme Champion Buck

3 Dubs Acres Razmataz
Owned by Laurie Oxley
Bred by 3 Dubs Acres
2017 Supreme Champion Wether

Bucking Adoeable Ranger
Owned & Bred by
Bucking Adoeable Fainters

To learn how your goat can become a Supreme Champion, visit the FGG Show page.

2018 Kidding Season is Here!
Don't forget to nominate your does for the Futurity before they kid!
2017 Fall kids born from nominated does after the show season are
eligible to compete in 2018!
Doe must be nominated/renewed before 2018 kids are born
To learn more about the Futurity Program, visit the Futurity Home Page today!

If you would like to host a FGG Live Show in 2018, contact us today! We'll be happy to help!

Virtual Myotonic Goat Shows Virtual Myotonic Goat Shows
Compete in a show without leaving the
comforts of home!
Fainting Goat Guild Futurity
Fainting Goat Futurity Progarm
Designed to encourage selective breeding.
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Open Fainting Goat Shows

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Regional Championship Program
Regional Championships
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The Education Corner
The Education Corner
Begin your goat education here at the Youth Center!

The Youth Center
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Win a Futurity doeling or a wether!
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Links & Resources
Links & Resources
All your Fainting Goat resources in one spot.
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Links & Resources
Classifieds - Everything Goat
Fainting Goats and supplies for sale.
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Classified Ads
Web Design Services

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