Congratulations toToby of California - 2011 Winner of the FGG Futurity Kid Program

Toby and AVR Splenda
Way to go Toby!

The goal of the Fainting Goat Guild Futurity Kid Program is to encourage our youth to become involved with the progress of this unique breed through the selective breeding, handling, and showing. In addition to helping to preserve this breed, it is our hope that the youth will also learn the much needed life skills with regards to responsibility, animal husbandry, and farm management.

The participating youth will receive a donated Futurity nominated doeling. Under the supervision of the Program Director and/or breeder of the donated kid, the youth will receive assistance with the raising, showing, and breeding of the kid.

The Program Director will help by providing support and direction to the youth and monitor the welfare of the kid for the duration of the project. The youth’s family will be financially responsible for the care of the kid, including, but not limited to the feeding, housing, medical care, registration, and show entry fees.

The donated doeling is to be bred no earlier than 1 year old and a registered doe kid resulting from this breeding is to be returned to the Fainting Goat Futurity Kid Program to be donated to another qualifying youth. If the doe does not produce a doeling kid by the second breeding the obligation will end.

Application requirements

The Fainting Goat Guild Futurity Kid Program is open to all youth (9-18) and will be based on the availability of kids and the eligibility of the youth.

Youths must be within driving distance of Mojave, CA or Ramona, CA. Additional locations will be added around the United States as more breeders agree to donate a doeling to the program. If you are not within driving distance of the locations listed, you may still apply for the program. The Program Directors will work hard to find a breeder in your area that is willing to participate in the Kid Program.

Provide the Program Director with a 100 word essay on why you should be chosen to receive a Futurity doeling. Be sure to include how you will care for it and where you would keep it, and you name, address, and phone number.

Provide a letter from your parent or guardian with permission for you to take part in the Fainting Goat Futurity Kid Program along with their agreement to be financially responsible for the Futurity doeling (print Youth/Parent Contract Form).

Provide a completed Project Budget (print Project Budget Form).

Applications must be postmarked by March 31, 2012.

Submit your application to Sue Johnson, 8301 Stagecoach Lane, Mojave, CA 93501

The winner of the Futurity doeling will be announced in April 2012. Actual date will depend on the number of applications received.

Click on the links below to get forms that you can print out

Program requirements

Be an active participant in the FGG Youth Center activities.

Keep accurate project records.

Uphold your contract agreement with your parent or guardian.

Exhibit the Futurity doeling in at least one Futurity show and report on the outcome to the Program Director.

Remain in contact with the Program Director or Breeder, and advise them of any health concerns or questions regarding the care and handling of the Futurity doeling.

Breed the doe to a registered Fainting Goat buck that is free of defects and disease. The Program Director or Breeder can assist you with choosing a buck to breed to.

Donate a registered doeling back to the Fainting Goat Guild Futurity Kid Program.

The Program Director reserves the right to repossess the donated doeling if they feel that the animal is not adequately being cared for or if the program rules have been seriously violated in the opinion of the Program Director.

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