High Point Youth Showman Award

  • Youths (under 18 years of age) will earn points by showing a myotonic goat in FGG live shows.
  • All youth showmen participating in FGG live shows are eligible.
  • FGG points earned by youth showmen will accumulate throughout the year.
  • The youth earning the most points during the year (01/01 to 12/31) in each region will receive a High Point Showman Award.

Congratulations to Wyatt Strahan,
the 2017 High Point Youth Showman Award winner!

Wyatt Strahan & Noel

Congratulations to all the Showman! Great job, Everyone!

2017 High Point Youth Showman Points

Youth Showman Goat's Name Points
Wyatt Strahan Rising S Noel 36.0
Jake Strahan Rising S Handsome Jack 21.0
Courtney Teichert Triple-T Bubba 21.0
Ashtyn Copen AVR Stanely Steamer 13.5
Mackenzie Gordon HHF Esperanza Del Amore De La Fe 12.0
Abbie Groves Goat 2B Kiddings Yeti 11.5
William Shute HHF Twisted Sister 11.0
Elianna Baca Ahart Acres Ladybug 10.5
Tristyn McConnell Triple-T All That Jazz 10.0
Maddison Keltner AVR Caffe D' Orzo 9.5
Toby Robinson Triple-T Luke 5.5
Brinly Baldwin Unknown 5.5
Cody Robinson Triple-T Kris 5.0
Adison Clark Rising S Painted Lacie Rose 3.5
Blake Johnson Faint-Hearted Ranch Rory 3.0
Aleeya Andrade AVR Hot Cocoa Coffee 3.0
Owen Clark Diamond C Tribute 2.5
Brooke Girardin Faint-Hearted Ranch Aurora 2.0
Kaitlyn Girardin Fall Over Farms Peanut 2.0

Click here for the total 2017 points earned at each show



  • Each Youth will designate one goat to show for the year (1/1 - 12/31).

  • The Youth does not need to own the goat being shown.

  • Youths may not switch goats mid-year.

  • When completing on-line entry forms for FGG shows, there will be an area to note the designated goat's name and the classes that the youth will be showing them in (showmanship classes, as well as standard division classes). Master Showman, Reserve Master Showman, and participation in fun classes do not earn points towards the High Point Youth Showman Award.

  • If Youth showman becomes ill, or in the case of an accident that prevents the youth from showing his or her goat for that event, a substitute showman (18 years of age and under) is allowed. Youth members will still receive points for the substitute showman placing as long as the Youth showman was still present at the show.

  • The Youth may not show the designed goat in a given show if it was bred or previously owned by the person judging the show.

  • Points earned are based on placings in classes (showmanship and standard division classes) according to Table 1.

Table 1. High Point Showman Award - Point System

Placing in Class Points Earned Placing in
Championship Classes
Points Earned
1st Place 3.0* Best in Show 3.0
2nd Place 2.5 Grand Champion 2.5
3rd Place 2.0 Reserve Grand Champion 2.0
4th Place 1.5 Champion 1.5
5th Place 1.0 Reserve Champion 1.0
*Beginning 2016, all Beginning/PeeWee Showmen will receive 1 point if everyone in the class is awarded 1st place.

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Congratulations to the Past High Point Winners!

Courtney Teichert & Bubba

Courtney Teichert & Bubba

Wyatt Strahan & Vanilla Ice

Courtney Teichert & Bubba

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