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Animal husbandry is the practice of caring and breeding livestock animals.
So that means, Goat Husbandry is the practice of caring and breeding goats.


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Goats milk is used to make any products including raw milk, cheese, yougart, chocolate, and skin products like soap and lotions. Goat milk is different than cows milk because it the proteins are different and the fat globules are smaller (meaning that the milk is naturally homogenized and easier to digest).

The Fainting Goat is not a diary goat. However, they can be milked when they are lactating. Most Fainting Goats only produce enough milk to feed their kids; however, there are breeders who are able to milk their fainters to produce products such as cheese and soaps.

Breeds reconized by the American Dairy Goat Association:

  • Alpine: French Alpine, British Alpine, American Alpine
  • Anglo-Nubian or Nubian. This breed is considered a dual-purpose milk and meat breed in some areas.
  • La Mancha
  • Nigerian Dwarf
  • Oberhasli
  • Saanen
  • Sable Saanen
  • Toggenburg

Other Breeds of Dairy Goats

  • Golden Guernsey
  • Kinder
  • Stiefelgeiss

The Fainting Goat is classified as a meat goat meaning that some people raise them for food just like they do cattle. The Faining Goat will carcass about 56% of its live weight. That's more than all other meat breeds.

There are other breeds of goats that are also classified as goats:

  • Tennessee Meat Goat
  • Tex-mex
  • Boer
  • Kiko
  • Spanish
  • Pygmy
  • Savanna
  • San Clemente Goats

TheĀ Fainting Goat develops a cashmere undercoat during the winter months. The level of cashmere growth varies with each goat. When winter is over the goat sheds this cashmere and returns to its normal straight or slightly wavy coat. Garments made of cashmere are in great demand and areĀ prized for their unique feel. Cashmere is very soft, warm and long wearing. It feels much softer to the skin than wool, and while not as strong, cashmere outwears wool!

There are other breeds of goats that are known for their ability to produce cashmere:

  • Angora
  • Australian Cashmere Goat
  • Cashmere
  • Pygora
  • Nigora

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