What to do once you are in the Show Ring




  • Watch the class ahead of you to better understand the Judge's procedure and preferred method of lining up the goats.

  • Always enter the ring to the left.

  • Set your goat up quickly and step back to allow the judge to view the goat.
  • Keep your goat's attention and keep his head up.


  • When showing kids, keep them as quiet as possible and try to keep them set up.
  • You may have to squat down to get to their level, but do not put your knees on the ground.

  • Keep your eye on the Judge.
  • Always keep the goat between you and the Judge.
  • When you are circling the arena, make square turns in the corners.

  • If your goat won't walk, do not drag them.
  • Place your hand on their rump, and encourage them to walk with little pushes.


  • If the goat in front of you is acting up, be patient and wait for them to move forward.
  • Crowding the goat will only make him/her more nervous.

  • When the Judge asks you to line up, keep about one goat length between you and the goat in front of you.
  • Line up with the lead goat (first in line).
  • Hold your lose hand calmly to your side. Do not hold it behind your back.

  • When showing bucks, keep extra distance between your buck and the one in front of you.
  • Bucks will tend to want to mess with the one in front of them.


  • Hold your goat as still as possible when the Judge is looking at him/her.
  • Sometimes it is helpful to touch your goat to get its attention so that when the Judge touches him/her, it doesn't startle them.

  • When the Judge starts to touch your goat, it may be necessary to step in front slightly and hold him/her tighter so he/she will not jump forward while being evaluated by the judge.
  • Put your knee in the chest while holding his/her head up, or with bucks, holding the horns is also acceptable.

  • When the Judge is speaking, listen to him/her even if they are not talking directly to you.
  • You can learn a lot from the Judge if you listen.


  • If asked, volunteer.
  • Your participation in the class will show the Judge that you are an active showman and are not just there because you were told to be.

  • When the Judge lines you up in placement order, do NOT stop showing.
  • The Judge can change his/her mind at any time. Do not relax until the results are announced.

  • After the Judge places the class, stay in the line up so the show clerk can get your information.
  • Then exit the arena through the exit gate.
  • Be sure to thank the Judge.
How the Exhibitor Should Move When the Judge Moves


The exhibitor should cross in front of the goat to stand on the opposite side when the Judge is at this point .

It is sometimes necessary to cross between your goat and the Judge, like in this case.

When the Judge asks you to change places in line, lead the goat out of line on the side the Judge is on, go back through the line, and then make a u-turn into the place that the Judge placed you. Always move forward, never back out into a position.

If the Judge asks to evaluate two goats at the same time, walk your goats together at the same pace, staying on the outside of the goats (see blue dots). Stop about 4-5 feet from the Judge. Turn around staying on the outside of the goats. Walk back, keeping the goats together, and return to your original place in line.

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