Goat Anatomy


Goat anatomy means the study of the structure of a goat
(both what you can see with you eyes and what you can't)


Click Here for a Printable copy of the Showmanship Guide for the Parts of a Goat



Click Here for a Printable Copy of the Goat Digestive System

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Goat Teeth


Click Here for a Printable Copy of the Skeleton of a Goat


The following photos and commentary are provided courtesy of Timber*Cove LaManchas

Not much of a frame when you think of the body our goats carry around!
Proof if we don't breed goats with strength of top line, feet, legs and bone;
they wouldn't be able to make it for the long haul.

Look at the ribs; this shows what "flat bone" really looks like.

Splayed toes/feet start with the bone structure! Note the stifle joint is not a "ball and socket", but two "balls" on top of each other, held together by ligaments. A reminder to support that stifle while trimming those back feet.

Showing that this doe was open in her shoulders; if she had lived to an old age she would probably been in pain from bone rubbing on bone.

Click here to go to an interactive animation of the skeletal structure and external parts of the goats
from the Biology of the Goat by Karin Christensen.
Test your knowledge while you're there!

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